Tropical Goodness

I ordered a Lava Flow for you. You didn't drink much. I had to help.

A cute, little, old Italian man in a Speedo (not so cute) kept calling her Miss Waikiki. I think it's because she is the only one in our family with a decent tan.

Hangin' out in Honolulu


Alex and Sam said...

its looks like you are having a blast in Hawaii.. bring some warm weather to the east coast..

have a great time


Joanna said...

Where the heck did you get that adorable swimsuit for Bella? ME WANT. :) And by the way, thanks for drinking my drink. I was saving that for later, geez. :)

Suzanne and Jayme said...

We were at the Hilton in Honolulu 3 years ago and Lava flows became and will always remain one of my favorite drinks. Please have another for me. Don't over do it though, they'll catch up to you quick.

I wish I was in hawaii

love ya

Megan said...

Lava flows are my favorite! Had one everyday of my honeymoon. I have enjoyed "vacationing" vicariously through your family...thank you! Trying to adopt again has limited our travel fund so I appreciate the virtual vacation! Blessings and safe travel!

The gFamily said...

Beautiful family pic! You guys look good in Hawaii!!! Along with everyone else.... I have loved being on this vacation with you!! :)

Mindy said...

Well if I didn't tell you before I am jealous. I am so ready for the trip to Hawaii but I think we will wait until baby #2 arrives. I already told Dan when we retire we are living there. I don't know how far away you are but you may have to adventure to Indy for our weekend get-together in July.