The Surprise

At three o'clock yesterday, Kahuna had us travel up to the 12th floor of our hotel, put the key card in the door and opened up the opportunity to stay in the Presidential Suite. The kids busted in and immediately started playing hide-and-seek. This place is bigger than our own home! I, of course, had a million questions... Are you serious? How much is this going to cost? How did this happen? The answer from Kahuna was always GOD. Kahuna explained to us that it's just an incredible surprise from the Lord for our family. When he checked us in on Saturday, they asked him if we'd like to stay in the Presidential Suite. K. asked What's the catch? The receptionist replied simply that it was available (at no cost) and would we like to stay there. K. kept it a secret to surprise us, and boy were we!

Well, since you've come along on this vacation with us, why don't you pick out your own bedroom. There are three extra rooms to choose from. I'll even bring you breakfast in bed!

Extra bedroom #1- downstairs w/full private bath and HUGE jacuzzi tub and ocean view

Extra bedroom #2- upstairs with private full bath and huge jacuzzi tub. Private lanai with ocean view out two windows.

Extra bedroom #3- downstairs with private 1/2 bath, private lanai with ocean view.

Above is the floor plan. This is CRAZY!

OK, which room did you pick?
After I bring you breakfast in bed, why don't we take a little walk down to the beach and hang out here. We'd have to play Rock, Paper, Scissors for the hammock, though.
Come on... close your eyes and join me...


demp5 said...

Oh my stars!! I pick the blue bedroom, please. You are SO blessed; and the best part, you give Him all the credit :)

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Oh my goodness, I pick bedroom #1, and I'm a big fan of Eggs Benedict. And since you've been so generous to invite me to stay, I'll let you have the hammock.

Our Lord does amazing things.

love ya

Ferrick said...

Room #2 please! Meet you at the beach. Hugs, Susie

David and Marianne said...

I've enjoyed your vacation so much... I'll be sad when it's over! Thrilled for you in the fun ways God is loving on your family!

Chantelle Becking said...

I would sleep in the hammock to go on that trip! Man, what an awesome thing..Never underestimate the goodness of God.
You just never know how much he wants to bless us. I love it for you!

Steve & Amy said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! What a wonderful suprise!!! I pick room can have the hammock...I don't mind laying on the sand:) I have loved this vacation...does it really have to end?

kathy Martin said...

Wow! What a fun all look as if you are having so much fun! Enjoy!

Hannah said...

GET OUT!! That is awesome! What a wonderful surprise!! Your vacation sent from the Lord just keeps getting better and better!!

McMurrays said...

Amazing . . .what a life time experience! I am so happy for your family. Love seeing all the pics and following your vacation. Lucia has that same tu-tu bathing suit. .so sweet. Enjoy every moment.

Leslie said...

ohhhh very very nice!!! you warmed me up!