Ugh! Blog Not Updating

I've been having major troubles with my Google Reader not updating this blog. This is a test post with a collage of pics from day one. I'll see if this updates in a timely manner, or I may have to kick some Google butt!


Joanna said...

How did you get your pictures to post like that? SO COOL! SHARE YOUR TRICKS! :) Love all the great pictures from your vaca. So jealous - looks like you're having a wonderful time.

Joanna said...

Oh...one more...what kind of camera are you using? Your pictures are beauty-ful!! (You can email me if you'd like at joanna.ray11@gmail.com)

Hannah said...

Joanna is right that is some serious collage cuteness!! You need to let us in on your secrets :)

I am glad you are just having blogger problems...for a minute there I thought you blocked me from updates!! :) Have a great trip!

Steph said...

Sigh...I am soooo jealous!! It looks like you are having an AMAZING time!! LOVE the pictures!!

Hey, I am going private so if you want to continue "following" just send me an e-mail at steph24mohr at yahoo dot com.