Guatemalan Sunshine

Today is such a gloomy, foggy, rainy day here at home... so I thought I'd post some GUATEMALAN SUNSHINE to brighten my day! See you in a few days, angel baby!!!

I made this quilt for Isabella. I love the shabby chic look!

Kirk, you are such a dork! I love you! Thanks for making me laugh!


Ashley said...

She is SO beautiful!

Joanna said...

Kirk is so funny!! Stacy, I so adore those pictures - seeing you at the Vista Real brings back the best memories for me.

Love to you!

Auntie G said...

Thanks! The pictures made me smile too.

Ferrick said...

Love the "dorky" husband! HAd no idea you were leaving agian, oh what a blessing! Blow kisses to my baby girl for me. 3 weeks now waiting for a Birth Certificate from Mixco. God is so faithful though, we stand in Him and like you said "Praising Him, He will bring her home". God Bless your trip, cant wait to hear all about it. Blessings to you, Susie
p.s. This little Bella of yours just makes me smile. She is so darling.

The gFamily said...

I am so happy that you are going to see Bella again! She will be thrilled to see her mommy and daddy!

I love the picture of Kirk and Bella! HILARIOUS!!

I pray that you get out of PGN while you are with your precious Bella!


Darcy said...

So happy for you that you get to go visit. Thanks for the Guatemalan sunshine it made my evening. She will be so happy so see YOU!! I am praying you fly through PGN. . . things are really moving now! It is your turn.
Darcy McMurray

Jennifer & Filipe said...

She is so precious! You guys look like you are having a wonderful time!

Suzanne and Jayme said...

I love, love, love all the pictures. Has the previo been fixed? Are you back in? I'm overly anxious to see you guys get through this process. My thoughts and prayers are with you