Back in the Game!

Yes, we're back in the game! I called PGN today to confirm. Our attorney fixed and resubmitted our file the same day we got the previo. I am so thankful it was an easy fix. Thank you, Lord, is all I can say! So, our new countdown date is 2/19.

By some MIRACLE, PGN approved a few files that were resubmitted on 2/11. My friend, Brenda, is one of the happy mama's out there who's file was approved! Her beautiful little Sofia will be coming home soon! Congratulations, Brenda! Sofia is an hogar "sister" to Isabella. Our daughters have spent every day of the last 6 months together side by side. I'm sure Isabella is going to miss lounging around in her pj's all day with Sofia. Sniff!

Heavenly Father, release Isabella's file as approved. I ask this in your Holy Name. She needs me. She needs her dad. She needs her brothers. She needs a real home and good food. She needs to be doted on, loved and rocked to sleep. She needs to feel the warm sunshine outside and someone to help her muscles get strong. She needs someone to talk to her, to make her smile and laugh. We're ready for her. Please send her home. Amen.

Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land.
Proverbs 25:25


Gina & Tommy said...


Your prayer brings tears to my eyes. I am praying right along with you.


redhawks said...

I'm so happy to hear you're back in Stacy! Praying w/you for our outs.


Dawn said...

Thank-you for your comment on my blog. :) You have a gorgeous little girl and I will add her to my prayers.

Suzanne said...

Thank you lord, is all I can say. I second your prayer. So glad to see you back in.


Unknown said...

Oh Stacy, what an awesome verse! Believing for a quick PGN out. God is bigger dear friend and His plan is perfect, even when it makes no sense to us. Remember what you told me "Praise Him, He will bring her home". Hugs, Susie

bellagirl said...

Praying the same thing, it won't be much longer, I just know its Isabella Grace's turn.

Melissa (still waiting for DNA to match 20 lost days)

The gFamily said...

I am praying that prayer with you Stacy! Lord, please let Bella's case just fly through PGN this time so she can come home to the family that loves her and needs her just like she needs them! Lord, we know you hear our prayers and we know you will bring her home!!

I am so glad that you are back in PGN and rolling again! I can not wait to hear about your out and just know it will be SOON!!

Steph said...


Darcy said...

Please God. . . Isbella Grace needs to be home with her family!

Darcy McMurray