What a Beautiful Place

We loved staying at the Vista Real (Quinta Real) so much. It was just beautiful inside and out! We loved the food and the breakfast buffet was included. I love a good deal! We booked online and it was much cheaper. You should see it at night. The outdoors is lit by candlelight.
Do you like this little commercial? Ha! Ha!
No, seriously... we had such an amazing, relaxing time. We met some other adoptive families and prayed for them. All I can say is that God just blessed our time with Isabella, even though she was recovering from chickenpox.


demp5 said...

These pictures look like some Thomas Kinkade painting. What a special blessing that you got to stay there! I had no idea that Bella had chicken pox - how terrible! She certainly looks beautiful in her pictures. Thank you SO much for praying for me!! As you know, it is the ONLY thing that can get us through this.

Suzanne and Jayme said...

The pictures are beautiful. The visit trips are always so special. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you

Anonymous said...

Could you email me and let me know what price you were able to get and off what internet site. I got word today that after 6 months in PGN, we are out. So, I am planning my pick up trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella is so precious... I just love her dresses and bows. She is quite the princess. I have been praying for you guys.

Any hotel information is appreciated. Last time we were in Antigua, so I have no idea about G City.

Shannon Musselman

Will and Aileen said...

Bella's pictures and those of the hotel from your visit are all beautiful. We just got back tonight from our visit as well. It was amazing. Hope you get good news about a PGN resubmit very soon. We're waiting to go back in now and are very concerned about the rumors about registering with the central authority first.
Ariana's Mommy

Nikki & Jeff said...

So beautiful! You had such precious moments with your daughter, and they are definitely encouraging through such hard times.

Thanks for sharing! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Suzanne and Jayme said...

Wanted to know if you found out whether or not you are officially in PGN. Praying for the best


Margaret mom to Peter, and waiting for his sister said...

hey, we stayed at the VR too, it is a very nice hotel. We'll be back there again for pick up trip.

Hope you are out of PGN soon.