No REAL News

Another day down and no REAL news. PGN (final court) couldn't tell me anything about our case today. Laura and Laura's boss both told me that their computers were down because of a storm. Hmmm... is that the full truth? I know that they are holding cases now until the new Central Authority is set up. Is ours one of them or are we with a reviewer?

Laura's boss (forgot his name) was able to tell me that we were resubmitted on the 21st of December. Hmmm... I thought the computers were down. How was he able to tell me this? Please don't tell me that they are working with an assortment of sticky notes!!! He also only spoke Spanish with words flying at 100 mph~ Ricky Ricardo style! Usually my Spanish holds up just fine, but it's more difficult over the phone~ so I'm afraid something could have gotten lost in translation. I just need to know what's going on!

Well, PGN is now closed for the day. Monday will be a new start, and I'll try again.

Isabella, you are MORE than worth the wait! We're doing everything we can to get you home. We'll never give up!!!
Here's my verse for today. It's from Psalm 25:5.
For you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.


demp5 said...

Okay, we have to focus on the positive - you ARE in PGN!! This is great news. I will pray that they are actually working on your file and that things are moving forward.

Susie said...

Hi Stacy, Like you, I take comfort in knowing that "He who started a good work in me will bring it to completion". All though the news today was disheartening, "I will NOT fear, for He has overcome the world". And we know that this is only the "enemy, roaming like a lion to kill, steal and destroy". Get your sword out girl! It may be PINK, buts its SHARP! I believe our Bella girls will be home sooner than later. Speak life, they are already PREAPPROVED in the name of Jesus, speak in faith and believe. Blessings, Susie

The gFamily said...

You are right, Bella is well worth the wait! We will not give up and the Lord will give us strength to get through this! Hang in there! I am praying you are with a reviewer and you find out which one on Monday!

Susie said...

Stacy, check out the post on adoption forum regarding PGN Posting. It's better news and from a reliable person. Hope your doing well. Blessings, Susie

Laurie said...

Hang in there Stacy. I think there are some bumps to work out and then things will be back to their normal slow or slower pace! You are right Isabella is worth anything and she WILL be home before too long!

Aileen said...

Hi, Stacy. Just wanted to say that it seems very likely the computers really were down. When we left on the 3rd, the computers and internet at our hotel had been down off and on for more than a day. The wind was fierce that week! I hope you already have good news since then. Praying for all of us!
Ariana's mommy

Mindy said...

Oh do I remember the way you are feeling but we never had the option of calling PGN so we had to just sit, day in and day out, wondering what was going on and where our case was. The only news you got was if you got a KO or you were OUT. We were in PGN for 77 days and it seemed like an eternity to me...but when it's over, you quickly forget and move on to getting HOME. Please hang in there...I know it is SO hard....I will be praying for strength for you..I know I sure needed it when we were in PGN...that was the hardest part of the entire process for me.
Many Hugs