Snow Day


Today was the last day of Christmas vacation so we decided to live it up and have some fun at the snow. It started snowing and was just beautiful! In one of the videos I lost my white snow glove. It was kind of embarrassing because it was stuck to my sled. I'm such a dork!!! Bella, you are in for trouble next year!


Gina said...

How fun is that? Snow always brings out the kid in me too!

demp5 said...

Y'all look like you are having a blast! It was fun just to watch you :)

the gFamily said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! You are not a dork... the Guat adoption process is just making us all lose our minds!! ;) Don't worry, though, I am sure we will get it back once our girls are home!! :)


The Ferrick Family said...

Too funny Stacey, we are alike in so many ways. :) My boys were so ready to go back, they are very done with each other. Glad you had fun, we lost all of our snow, 12" in the last 2 days here in Michigan, but more is coming late this week! Here's to good news from Guat today. God Bless, Susie

Suzanne and Jayme said...

I love the pics and video it brought a nice needed smile to my face. Here in California we get rain, if we want snow, we gotta hop in the car and expect a 2 hour drive. Now back to school


Auntie G said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am soooo jealous. We get snow but have no hills.

Anonymous said...

What fun! We had some snow play days here too! Can't wait to hear more great news on Bella!