Quick Update

I called PGN today. They have no record of our 12/21 resubmit. The last thing they have in their computer is our previo for no PA back in September. I told Laura at PGN that I have a receipt in hand as proof of our resubmit. She said that things must be backed up.

I hope she's telling me the whole truth. My fear is that they are holding our case, along with others, while they are figuring out what to do with registering our cases with a non-existent Central Authority under the brand new law that began yesterday. I called our attorney in Guatemala to see if he could inquire. He said that there is nothing he can do.

Kirk is calling our Congressman's office. Fortunately and unfortunately we are on a first name basis with them now. They helped pull our visa pre-approval out of thin air!

Please be in prayer with us as we ride this terribly bumpy roller coaster.


The gFamily said...

Unfortunately, I am right there with you! Our case was resubmitted on 12/18, and when our friend called last week they had no record of our resubmit either. We are praying right along with you!

Darcy said...

Praying for your situation. That beautiful baby girl has to come home! She is one day younger than our daughter. I love the new pictures of your visit. She is just so precious. I love her outfits. The navy blue and white dress is so adorable.
Darcy McMurray

Anonymous said...

I think the computers are just really backed up...I've seen several people in your situation. Love the picture of you and Bella. Hope your trip was wonderful. :)

Much love,

Jennifer said...

This is my take on it: many (hundreds? thousands?) cases were thrown into PGN this week/last week just to get a PGN registration number, even though they were incomplete. I know that my agency did this with 14 cases, including ours. We did not go in with PreApproval or our Social Workers written report but that is what our coordinator was advised to do.
I really think that in the next week or so things will speed up.

Suzanne said...

Your definetly not alone on this one. I called PGN this morning in regards to our resubmit on Dec 26/27 and all she stated was our previo for December 14. Our agency is checking for us. I'm just hoping that they are backed up from the holidays. Stay strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Never forget, you are not alone in this.


Nikki said...

We are so sorry! We continue to pray hard for your family and others who are in same boat. It really help to know that God is with us through everything. Hang in there!

Praying hard!