Guest Blogger, Joanna from Semi-Functional Chaos

Hello to the Pineapple Princess Posse!

While Ms. Stacy is maxin' and relaxin', she is asking ME to do her
dirty blogging work...She used some crazy excuse that she loves to
read what I write (scary, I know), but honestly I think she is just
trying to get out of blogging for a week. Is she even really on
vacation? Just teasing, Stacy! I'm actually so incredibly honored
that she asked me to be a guest writer on her amazing blog!

So you may already know me in the virtual world from my blog, Semi-Functional
, derived straight from my crazy life with 3 toddlers under
the age of 5 and 50-lb labradoodle puppy that eats everything. You may
also know that I'm a self-pronounced anti-domesticated housewife (not
on purpose, I really do try) who is obsessed with party planning,
blogging, and of course, shopping for my kids. I have an entire blog devoted just to
with my friend, Jaimee, who's just
as sick in the head as I am. But what's even sicker is that I have
friends that follow me there. I love it!

Unfortunately for you, I had nothing exciting happen today that I could blog
about other then I went to work and got choked up driving home to a
Neil Diamond song. My cell phone was dead as a doornail, and my
charger was I (GASP!) actually had to listen to the radio and
pay attention to my driving on the road. How boring! Actually, once I
found some old mixed CD's (particularly my "Independence Party" CD
from 2008), I found myself rocking out hardcore to some Neil and John
(Cougar Mellencamp, that is).

Honestly though, doesn't that "Coming to America" song make you feel
so proud to be in a free country? I
started looking at the cornfields I was driving past (I live in
Indiana, okay?), the street signs, the houses...everything. This is
America! We are free, and so many amazing people leave their families,
friends, and lives for a taste of the freedom we take for granted.
See why I started tearing up?

Okay, so tell me - have you ever come across an old CD that you found
yourself rocking out to? (Or in my case, tearing up to? Putting you in
deep thought?) Pop over to my blog and tell me
all about it. And while you're at it, introduce yourself. I love my
virtual friends. Occasionally, a few pop out of my computer and become
great friends in-real-life, too!

Oh! Stacy asked me to share some eye you go:

teasing! Of course, you can see pictures like this one and more at
Thanks for letting me hijack your blog, Pineapple Princess. This
was a lot of fun! Much love to you! Enjoy your vacation...if you're
really on one! (Insert evil laugh: Wah ha ha ha)

Gotta run...the dog is eating a pack of Myla's Dora diapers!

Jo Jo

(I've turned off comments, so please hop on over and leave some love for Joanna on her blog!)