This post is brought to you by the letter......

Some crazy stuff has been happenin' over here at Let us begin with Numero 1:

Number 1. TUNE-UP

Wednesday morning I woke up, innocently sipped my Diet Coke and ate my egg bagel, easy butter. I checked my blog, and my whole right sidebar was at the bottom. Over the next few days I spent/wasted a good 10 hours trying to fix my blog. I sat so long at my computer Friday night that (I kid you not) the left side of my face started to go numb. Thankfully, my girl, Jaimee is setting me up with a much needed blog TUNE-UP and a new theme. Gracias, Jaimee!

Number TWO: This is how many weeks until...

Number 3: TOTALLY TROPICAL family-of-five vacation

Let me tell you the miracle of how we got this trip. My husband has been praying a long time that God would provide a way for us to take a trip to Hawaii. He told me he was praying about it, but I always kind of dismissed it. Well, shock of all shockers, an acquaintance of my husband calls and says, "I feel like God wants me to help you guys get to Hawaii."

What in the world?

Totally paid for.

We absolutely do not deserve this. I have no clue why God said yes. I'm just in awe and so thankful.