Friends Forever

Isabella and I had the great privilege of getting together again with Suzanne and Faith (Check them out HERE). It was so fun to sit and catch up, watch the girls play, and enjoy the sunshine together. I can't believe how cool God is that he connected our families. I had been following her blog since the beginning of her adoption journey. It wasn't until June that I realized that she was practically my neighbor! Needless to say, I am so happy to have the girls grow up together. They have lots in common. Speaking of things in common, it turns out that Suzanne's husband and my brother were great friends in college and played on the same college baseball team together. My bro says that Suzanne's hubby is a legend!

Here is a little photo collage of the girls. Check out Faith's hand painted outfit. It says, "Guatemalan Princess Faith". So cute!


Suzanne and Jayme said...

What great pics. Faith looks like she is all hair, and i love Roc napping in the background. We had such a great time with you guys. I can't wait for the day that the girls really get to play together.

I feel so blessed to have you and Isabella in our lives.

Gotta get together again soon

Lots of love

demp5 said...

Precious pictures of the girls! It is so fun that y'all live close enough to get together and spend some time. I have to say that I am a tiny bit envious :)

Mindy said...

Oh how sweet!!!! It is so amazing how adoption can bring so many people together. I met my best friend through this adoption. :-) Looks like a super fun time!

Vanessa said...

Adoptions truly unite more friends and families together than any other single event I have ever known!!

The two girls are so beautiful!

rachel said...

I LOVE your blog !!!! OH my gosh !!! The design is adorable! Your little girl is just gorgeous too. I hadn't visited your blog in awhile...and just had some time glad I did. :)
LOVE the shoes you have posted too...I'll have to check these out. ~Rach

alex & sam said...

arent guat tot get together the best.. Isnt it great that this adoption process has brought so many families into our lives...
isabella is such a cutie, love the beach pics