Things I'm thankful for this week...

1. Payed the bills on time... OK, 2 days late.

2. One kid at church camp, one at grandma's- only one to take to a pool party... heaven.

3. The friend Luke took to camp prayed with him and accepted Jesus into his heart.

4. Before Kirk went out of town he went to the grocery store for me, and I didn't even ask.

5. When I'm holding Bella and someone wants to hold her, she shakes her head "no, no" to everyone except me. That's my girl!

6. The Olympics

**Feel free to snag this graphic if you've got something you're thankful for this week!


Suzanne said...

Hey Stacy, i love thankful Thursday. Stole the graphic. Have a great weekend.

Gail said...

I'm going to use this too. It is a great idea.

I love your #3!!!

Courtney said...

Stacy, did you download blurb booksmart ? You need to do that first to get started on downloading your blog. Once you have it in booksmart you can go to it at anytime. Courtney

Candy said...

ME TOO the Olimpics...I love the GIRLS GYMNASTICS...WOO HOO