Isabella got this outfit for her birthday, and we finally got around to trying it on today. It's the cutest thing with those ruffly pants. I'm so happy to see her standing in this picture. Orphanage life really took it's toll on her, and she's still recovering. She basically sat in a bouncy seat for nine months. As a result, her core strength isn't 100% yet. I had her evaluated, and the therapist said she has a 23% deficit in her strength. Bummer that she did not qualify for services. A baby must be 33% or more behind in strength to receive physical therapy through our state program. The therapist who evaluated her was so helpful and told me another route to go to see if Bella will qualify. Everyone involved says she'll catch up, and I fully believe that. However, if there is anything I can do to help her catch up more quickly, I'll do it in a heartbeat. Her speech tested out in the 18 month range, so I breathed a sigh of relief on that one! I've been reading and reading and reading to her every day in hopes that she would acquire English quickly, and I see that it is paying off. Kirk tells me I can now recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle in my sleep! UGH!!!


Gina & Tommy said...


This is one of my favorites of Isabella. She is a doll. Her hair is growing so much! She is just precious and looks so so happy!

Love and Prayers,

Gail said...

That is a beautiful outfit on a beautiful girl!
I agree with getting help as early as possible. I have had Johanna evaluated already. She crawls weird and is "asymetrical" according to an OT. Do whatever it takes to get the help.

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Stacy, Bella is so beautiful and looks extremely happy. Whatever you guys are doing, keep up the good work.

P.S. I love the outfit. Matter of fact I love all her outfits. Can you just pass them down to Faith when Bella outgrows them.j/k

bellagirl26 said...


She looks gorgeous, I love that outfit! Ana has pants with lace on the bottom and its too darn cute.


Laurie said...

She looks just precious in that outfit! :) I know what you mean about Brown Bear Brown Bear! Try Polar Bear and Panda Bear. Same thing but a little different! One is what do you hear. Can't remember which one. Then there is Ms. Spiders Tea Party. I like that you can 'read' them with your eyes closed! LOL

Courtney said...

LOVE the outfit..........Where did you get it ?? Stella's legs were stiff when she came home and I used the johnny jump up and it really helped her alot. At 15 months, Stella is only really saying Hi and Daddy. Our Dr. is ok with that. Remember all the spanish they grew up hearing. Courtney

Ferrick said...

What a precious girl. My sweet baby girl is on track for her physical activity, but she is still not saying any words at 11 months. They all excel in different areas. Bella just looks so healthy and happy. Thanks for checking in to my site today and complimenting on my pictures, I need to update it. Blessings Stacy, Susie

Judite Pitta said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog.
Best wisches for you and Isabella Grace, from Portugal

Joanna said...

How sweet! That is Myla's 1st Birthday outfit, too! It's adorable, isn't it?

Candy said...

LOVE THIS PICTURE it looks like a professional pic...and you know I love the oufit! Jagger just started crawling and he was not in a hogar....but him being behind is OK with me because he is my last baby for a while

LOVE the comment you left on my BLOG about having enough bubbles to wash my car...HAHAH so true

Robyn said...

What a beautiful pic!!


Leslie said...

Love the outfit! she is beautiful!

When Abby came home her legs were like jello for the longest time and she was in a Foster home! Now you'd never know it she is like a wild cat! LOL

Courtney said...

Stacy, is the site I used to create her book. I am still in the process. I went ahead and downloaded it all right after her first birthday. I thought that was a good place to stop and create the book. I can go and do another one someday but I wanted the first year of her life journaled on hard cover. (I also have a few journals I have yet to finish at home to also track the process) Anyway, It looked hard at first but once I got started it was fine. I am not doing anything real fancy. I can help you if you want. Or you can wait until I get the book to see how it looks. You can download it and get back to it at a later date. If you want to email me and ask questions you can. hope that helps. Courtney

Chad & Carrie said...

It was so great to hear from you.
Isabella is so beautiful. It looks like you guys are having so much fun with her!

Is that Sandra's Guacamole recipe??? Yum!!!

Keep in touch!

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

This picture of Bella is just to precious for words. She is a doll baby.