Good News For Baby Z!

Hi friends,

Go check out my friend Meghan's blog. Meghan is my roommate here in Antigua. She's got good news to share!

You would not believe how strong Meghan is. She got prayed up on Monday morning, and went and talked to Sr. Barrios face to face! If you're not familiar with who Sr. Barrios is, he's the man in charge of ALL Guatemalan adoptions. He is a powerful man who has made adoptions extremely difficult. The President of Guatemala is trying to get rid of him, but he refuses to leave. Praise God for Meghan's boldness and determination... and the Lord's favor!

This is Baby Z waving adios to PGN!!!


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

I love their story.....and she is SO STRONG!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Auntie G said...

Going there now to read the news.

Courtney said...

YIPPIE for Baby Z........I am hoping you get PINK soon. Praying for you. Courtney

Gina & Tommy said...

Great News for Baby Z! You will be home soon!

Love and Prayers,

Guatamommy said...

That's amazing! We could all use a lesson in courage and strength from your friend! :) Way to go, Baby Z!!


Jaimee said...

Yay Baby Z! And what a sweetheart! Love their story!

I hope you guys get Pink soon!!!