Update: I just got an email from Pat at Labcorp. Our DNA arrived on Monday, and it was shipped back out to the Embassy in Guatemala TODAY! We are officially waiting for PINK! Pink is our appointment at the Embassy here in Guatemala. After that, her adoption is complete and we can take Isabella HOME! She will be an automatic citizen when we land in the U.S. Ahhh! I am so excited I could almost cry!!!
Today Isabella has been with me a full week. She is adjusting well. The first four nights she was grieving hard when she tried to sleep. She would startle and wake up scared because she didn't know where she was. Poor baby! She started relaxing on Monday night and has slept through the night each night since. Thank you, Lord! Bella loves to be carried around in the Bjorn ALL day. In fact, I have mastered using the bathroom with her still attached to me!! She will cry for me when I leave her in an unfamiliar location, and she follows me in her walker wherever I go in the apartment. I am pleased with her attachment. I think she is really starting to realize that I'm her mama. I love it! She is pure JOY to my heart.

We usually walk everywhere we need to go. However, if we need a quick ride we take a three-wheeled Tuk-Tuk (pronounced Tuke-Tuke). It's a wild, bumpy ride!!!

This picture is from a few days ago before Kirk went home. Isabella was wearing her first two-piece.

Hanging out on the grass in front of the apartment

She can't crawl yet, but scoots backwards.


Shannon said...

Have you gone to Cafe Condessa???Have a smoothie and some guacamole for me!!! I am so happy that Bella is feeling secure and getting adjusted to her wonderful new life. There's only more love coming her way once her brothers get ahold of her!


Susie said...

I love it when you update your blog!!! I cant get over how chunky Bella very healthy looking and totally adorable as always. Love the bathroom that is something a man could never fathom being able to do. The gifts God has granted Mothers. Glad all is going beyond well for you and Bella. Susie

Steve & Amy said...

I am glad to hear that Isabella is adjusting well! I can relate to the bathroom story:)Love the pictures! Now come on PINK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You both are beaming with happiness! Bella Grace is so precious. Praying for speedy Pink.


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

HOW INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! You are with your sweetie in Antigua!!!!!! I am praying for y'all. She is SO BEAUTIFUL....I love her little swimsuit!!!


P.S. Our favorite is the Rainbow Cafe!!!!

Brenda said...

Pink is a beautiful color! My pink appointment predicition is April 29th!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for you and your family. I look forward to reading your blog every day. It gives me hope that it will be our turn soon to bring our little girl home. We went back in to PGN on 3/5. I called last week and we were still on the 2nd desk. I'll take that over a previo any day! Our prayers have gone into overtime.

Things have been moving pretty quickly for you since your "Out". You deserve it! I look forward to hearing about your trip and finally meeting Bella.

Warm wishes,

Lori Brown

Jaime said...

Your daughter is GORGEOUS! I was reading Jaimee Martinez blog and saw she designed yours.

Hope you get your PINK appt ASAP. :)

Can't wait to be back in Antigua- I love it there.

Darcy said...

Come on PINK! Enjoy every moment!
I'm so glad she is sleeping well and bonding with you, what an answer to prayer.
Darcy McMurray

Cheri said...

Malaena-Sloan's DNA results are headed back too! Pat got our stuff a movin'. We are officially PINK stalkers. See ya at the embassy! Cheri

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures.
Praying for you both today.
I wish I could be there.
With love from above,
Isabella's Daddy.

kathy Martin said...

So very happy for you! Enjoy your stay with Isabella in Guatemala - absorb it all! She is precious and i am so glad she is adjusting well!
no longer waiting on Greyson!

kathy Martin said...

So very happy for you! Enjoy your stay with Isabella in Guatemala - absorb it all! She is precious and i am so glad she is adjusting well!
no longer waiting on Greyson!

Steph said...

How wonderful!!! I am so glad to hear she is adjusting so well and knows her momma!! that Dario?????? He was our tuk-tuk driver when we were in Antigua a few weeks ago. He is the BEST!!!

Laurie said...

She is so precious! I'm so glad to see you are almost home!