Visit 5~ Day 2

Today was so full and so fun! We got up early this morning and headed out to Antigua. We had the wonderful privilege of meeting a friend there. Meghan is fostering her daugher (Baby Z) in Antigua. You can visit her blog at Meghan, thank you so much for inviting us over. God has blessed you with an amazing family! Would it be OK with you if I post a group picture? We had so much fun saying hi!

After we returned from Antigua, we headed to the pool at our hotel for a "" party. We got to meet many of the families from across the country that we have been corresponding with through the online adoption forums and blogs. It was fun to trade stories and see these beautiful children, most of whom are going home with their parents in just a few short days.

Here are some highlight pics from the day:

Shopping in Antigua~ We bought Isabella a couple little things. I plan to put them away and save them for her when she is older and wants to know about her beautiful birth country.

The girls standing in the coutyard of a hotel in Antigua

Beautiful, fresh fruits and veggies~ We sampled a couple and they were GOOD! Kirk was braver that I was, though.

Kirk snuck a shot of these unbelievably gorgeous ruins in someone's back yard.

Lovin' on my girl!


Steve & Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! How neat to be able to have a party with other families. Praying that someday SOON Isabella will be able to come home with you FOREVER! Keep the pictures coming:)

McMurrays said...

I just got Lucia that same green shirt yesterday. I think we have the same taste:) She looks darling in it. Thanks for posting!
Darcy McMurray

demp5 said...

We ALL enjoyed our time with you yesterday!! Please feel free to post a group picture of us. I am still completely serious about the offer.

wareaglereed said...

Lovin seeing that sweet baby in her momma's arms again.


The gFamily said...

I am so glad that you are there with Miss Bella! She is as beautiful as ever and looking so happy to be with her mommy and daddy! The pics are amazing! I will be stalking your blog now because I love to look at pics when people are in Guat with their babies! Living vicariously through you for a little longer!!


Courtney said...

what great pictures. you look so happy. courtney