Six Months Old Today!

Happy 6 month birthday, Isabella! It is such a blessing to get to be with you today. Today also marks one week and one day that your adoption file has been in PGN. We are praying and praying that you will be home soon!

Mom & Dad


Gail said...

Happy 6 Months Isabella!!
I am so glad your Mommy and Daddy get to be with you for this one. I hope you are home before too many more pass.

Robyn said...

She is beautiful!! Happy 6 Month Birthday Isabella!!


Joanna said...

I knew that pool looked familiar - and now it's confirmed you are at the Quinta Real! That picture of you in that walkway just brings back so many memories for me. Beautiful pictures of you and Bella! Where did you get that bow? Love it!

Steve & Amy said...

Happy 6 months!!! What BEAUTIFUL pictures! Praying that you get out of PGN soon! Have a wonderful visit!

The gFamily said...

Happy 6 month birthday sweet Bella! She, once again, has a beautiful dress on! I love it! She is such a sweetie!