Day 4 Visit 4

Daddy and Bella after breakfast on Sunday

Thank you, Nana, for my new outfit!

View of the volcano, De Agua, from our hotel

Well, just a few more hours left before we leave. I HATE "give back" day! It doesn't get any easier for me the more trips we make. I always get a stomach ache on the last day. I guess it's just where my stress or sadness likes to go. It helps a lot knowing that we'll be back maybe in six weeks or something like that- hopefully. Right now Isabella is asleep on Daddy's chest. We are soaking up this time with her. We are praying and praying that PGN will be good to us. It will take a real, live miracle because we did not have an agency help us prepare our documents. I just had to pray and research things as best I could. We'll see what the Lord has in store! Well, I'd better go. Bella is waking up for her bottle. I love this girl!!!


The gFamily said...

I get that same pit in my stomach! I tell my hubby each time that I can't believe that I have to give my baby back. It just feels so wrong! Unfortunately, in this process, it is part of it. :( I am glad that we get to visit them, though. It is fun to see them growing and changing!! She is so sweet! You can tell that she is so comfortable with you both!

I truly believe in miracles and I know God can do anything! I am praying for a very fast PGN OUT!! Let's get Bella home where she belongs, with her wonderful parents and brothers!!

jajbs said...

She is so beautiful and I know how difficult it is to give back a piece of your heart.... God will carry you and I pray you are back soon to take her home!!!


Anonymous said...

The adoption process is hard, but the love you have for this precious child will help carry you through. God is great and merciful and I will pray that you continue your journey with His love and grace!

kathy Martin said...

So glad you were able to visit! She looks wonderful, and so big and healthy! I know that gives you comfort. May 08 bring a new addition to your family very soon!
Happy New Year!
Waiting on Greyson

Mama Bunny said...

I just thought I'd let you know, I did all of my paperwork on my own as well and I had NO problems with it in PGN. Now the Guat side was different