New Adoption Law Passed

Yes, the new adoption law (Ortega Law) was passed today in a special session of the Guatemala Congress. What does this mean for Isabella? We're not sure yet. One confusing part is that we must be registered with the non-existent Central Authority by Jan. 30th in order to proceed under the current laws.

We are still waiting for PA, by the way. Our Congressman's office has sent three inquiries, and today I called the National Visa Center and the US State Dept Visa Center...still no PA... No one will help us).

Are you out there, Lord??


demp5 said...

I am so sorry that you are not getting any help with the PA :( I could just cry about all of this - no PA for you, passage of a lousy law, no PA for us. Satan is having a field day with me today! Did you read the posts about putting "Day XX" in the subject line of your email to the USE? . . . Maybe that will help?? Tomorrow is a new day for PAs, and I am praying for yours!!

Amanda said...

HE is, He is, He is! THat elusive PA will be here. I promise. We're on triple duty as prayer warriors. He hears us, just not in our time. It seems God is never on my schedule, but it is always perfect. In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful boys of yours. They are further proof of God's work in your life.


Will and Aileen said...

We are praying with you, and I know that God is there and listening. He may not always give us the answer we want when we want it, but I have faith you will get your answer soon! I'll pray for your PA again tonight!

the gFamily said...

Oh Stacy, I am so sorry!! I am praying like crazy for you to get PA!! Jesus, please bring Stacy that PA so soon! And, please get her into and out of PGN very soon!

It is impossible to understand God's perfect timing. We just have to believe and trust that His ways are perfect! I know we miss our baby girls so much! Hang in there!

Frances said...

Did you call the DOS? I posted info about this on Guatadopt a few weeks ago. Call Patricia Hickey at DOS--she will call Guatemala and find out what is going on.