Get praying, friends...

Tuesday, December 11th, the Guatemalan Congress is voting on what to do with the future of adoptions, including our in-process case.

Also, December 11th, marks 60 days since Isabella's DNA was taken~ and still no pre-approval. We are on the slow path to nowhere.

I'll post more info as it comes in.

Get your prayer on,


demp5 said...

I'm stormin' the heavens!

wareaglereed said...

I will surely be praying!!!
When we adopted our little Mia, the wait for Pre-Approval was 30 days. Well, I saw 30 days come and go. So on the 31st day I contacted the embassy and they said they were 2 weeks behind. This was unacceptable to us so we contacted our State Senator and had him contact the Us embassy on our behalf and request our case to be approved. We received pre-approval the next day. If you do decide to take that route be sure to ask first if the Senator you have called supports Guatemala adoptions. With all of the controversy now...some do and some don't. I pray you guys get Pre-approval TODAY!!! It's time to get your case moving again and get that sweet baby home.
Also thank you for the prayers for my hubby, you have no idea how much that means to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
They just have to give you PA soon. My PA came at close to 60 days, and that was back in April. I know it's hard to believe it will finally happen, but I believe there is a very good chance it will happen soon!!! Hang in there. And from someone who has been in PGN for 6 long months, I do know how it is to wait!! I. know. You are not alone, friend. Isabella is so precious. May God bring her home to you and give you strength in this difficult time!!!

bellagirl said...

Praying! So sorry its not here yet, I finally got Maite's on day 46, but Ana's took 79; it stinks and makes zero sense. Try emailing the embassy every two or three days. I actually went wild in an email and got my approval 4 days later.~Melissa

MissJenn said...

I'm sick about the vote (it passed) and the uncertainty for all of us. Even starting to wonder if I should make my first visit trip Dec.24, only to be heartbroken in the end.
I check your blog daily to see about your PA.

Will and Aileen said...

We're praying too. I know the law passed and now we're praying to finally get some answers about what in-process means! Thanks for your prayers for us as well! It looks like we had our court date and might be getting out of Family Court this week!
Ariana's mommy