As some of you may know, our DNA has been lost somewhere at the US Embassy in Guatemala since October 22nd. Pam, at the Embassy, emailed me and told me that they "have no record of your child's DNA". I called the lab in the US to resend it, and they said no. I wanted to freak!

After MANY prayers by friends and family (maybe you, too!), I received an email from the USE in Guatemala just 5 mins. ago. It looks like they found our DNA. Thank you, Lord!!! Here's the email I just received,

"Dear family XXXX,
The DNA results were received and your case is under review by an USCIS Officer, for any notification you will be contacted by email.
Adoptions Unit / MG
US Citizenship and Immigration Services
Guatemala City"

OK, you guys...Keep praying. We need a fast Pre-Approval by this USCIS Officer reviewing our case. Please pray for favor from the Lord!


Gina & Tommy said...

Wonderful news, Stacy! Come on PA!!!!!

Gretchen said...

I'm not sure how I missed all this but I will now join in in prayer! Hang in there! Lord please remember Isabella and be with the officials as they review her file! Please grant them PA soon and bring Isabella home to her family!

Auntie G said...

That is great news!!! I hope the expedite your case through to PA.

the gFamily said...

I missed this too! I will be praying for a very quick PA! God can do anything!! Keep your chin up!

Joanna said...

Oh what a relief!! THANK YOU GOD!!

Anonymous said...

I missed the post about the lost DNA as well! So sorry that happened...but glad to hear that they found it and hopefully will expedite it!


Our Adoption Journey said...

Great news on your DNA! Now, praying for a speedy PA!


Jaimee said...

Oh, I'm so glad they found it!!! I am praying that you get your PA in record time!!!