Visit Trip 3~ Highlights and Days 3 & 4

Isabella, you are 4 months old today. Happy birthday, baby!


Anonymous said...

SOOOO beautiful!!!

(Any word on DNA?)

HAPPY 4th Month Birthday, BELLA!!

demp5 said...

love, love, LOVE the pictures and video!! Thank you for making my day. I will be praying for the DNA to be found and entered immediately.

The gFamily said...

Bella is gorgeous and so fun!! I love her laugh and smiles! Happy 4 Month Birthday baby girl!

Jesus, please bring her home soon so she can be with her wonderful mommy and daddy! What a blessed family!


Gail said...

Happy 4 Months Isabella!!
You are so beautiful!!

Gina & Tommy said...

Happy birthday, Isabella! We are praying for you to come home soon!

Gina & Tommy

Katie said...

Adorable -- I love her giggles and sneezes !!