She’s Good Lookin’!

Yes, “she” is… the one hundred-year-old farmhouse we’ve called home for the past year.  This home belongs to our dear friends.  They are missionaries in Portugal at the moment, and we have the joy and fun of living here until they return.  Not a stitch of this is ours- except maybe the chickens. We got them last spring- just two days old.  We let the kids name them… Zoe, Delilah, Jay Z, Pollo Loco, Hella (Named by Bella- then age 2 1/2) and Fiona.  The chickens have been a blast.  They are the sweetest things.  One of my favorite memories by far is watching Isabella march around the yard as the chickens follow after her in single file.  She FINALLY has someone to boss around!  Ha!farmhouse-collage

Below is the view coming up the driveway…those silly chickens always ready to greet us. 


The middle picture below is on the way to the garden.  It’s a sight to behold.  Can you see the little tunnel through the shrubs?  One of the best parts!  The garden is definitely my happy place.  My man and I love to spend time out there together.  Our friends tease us relentlessly about what we actually do in there.  And, no, we do NOT pretend to be Adam and Eve… as far as you know!  Haha!trio

Irises and roses are my favorite flowers.  If you stop by, you are guaranteed to leave with a bouquet!


And here’s that (What shall we call it?  Unique?) piano in the yard.  The one that inspired THIS post.piano

This place is definitely a diamond in the rough around here.  I’ll give you a little tour of the backyard and inside the house, too.  They’ve furnished the house with period pieces, and it feels sometimes like we live back in time!



Soul’s Joy

This is my kitchen unkempt-

yet my morning sanctuary.

I sit with full cup of coffee in hand

While children and husband sleep

And it’s here I soak it in-




I melt in His presence.

He feeds my famished soul.

farmhouse kitchen

I feel my God so close.

Takes my breath away.

The air is weighty

The presence thick.

This radiant, all-consuming love.

Soul’s joy.

flowers on island

May He appear unmistakably in every place we go.

With love,


A Backyard Birthday Tea Party And Some Thoughts

Throughout my blog break last year I still took tons of pictures!  Too many, in fact!  I thought I’d better start chronicling them now!  Blogging must be in my blood because everything we do as a family I recreate in my imagination as “blog posts”.  I see the picture layout in my head, and I give the imaginary post a title.  Do you bloggers think the same way…See it all in your head even before it’s an actual post? (This is where you nod and smile so I don’t feel like such a weirdo. Ha!)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from Beach Bunny’s backyard tea party.  I absolutely LOVE hosting parties.  My personal goal is for each guest to know that they are adored and loved.  That’s the gift that Jesus gives to me each and every day, and I just want to give that same gift away to each and every person that comes over…To know and feel Jesus’ love and acceptance will ruin you for anything else.  It’s THAT good! Beach Bunny and I play “tea party” in the backyard all the time, so when it came time for her party last year the theme was cinched!  She’s a big fan of cupcakes and, quite frankly, so is her mama! ; )

Beach Bunny shared her party with her beautiful little cousin, Sara.  They share the exact same birthday, just one year apart.  They are so opposite in looks, but share the exact same sweetness, love of dress up, and all-things-girly!  Oh, to grow up with cousins you adore!

We just invited family to the party, and everyone was so sweet to drop by on their lunch breaks to have sandwiches and tea with us.

It’s been SO FUN to just be able to grab flowers out of the yard and make simple arrangements for special occasions… or for no occasion at all.  I’m going to miss this when we move back home.  Sniff!

Jeremiah 31:3 comes to mind when I remember her tea party… "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”  That verse reminds me of my love for my daughter and also shows me how approachable God is.  That inspires me!  God’s love has been so powerful in my life and, as a result, I can’t help but to want to BE loving-kindness to those I serve- making myself a little lower so His name can be lifted higher- just like those helium balloons.

It’s funny how a little tea party gave me a fresh perspective.  What a gift- I needed that!

Today I’m also participating in Gifts of Thanks, all the ways that God gives.  Click link below to be inspired!



If All of Life is a Song For Him

Edited to add:

My sweet friend, Kim, added something so thoughtful in the comments that I just loved! I had to post it here. I love her words and what the Lord spoke to her heart. Powerful! Thanks, Kim!!

" I couldn't help but be taken aback by the worn out piano. Then I realized, I am that worn out piano, run down by life, dirty from sin yet so much potential within. Praise God that like that piano, I have a beautiful song to sing & a Savior to wipe me clean!! Love it!! Kim B."

If all of life is a song for Him,

What is the melody?

This harmony of lives in tandem

Walking in humble obedience.

The tender notes of mercy,

and grace-

A rhythmical tribute to the one who

Laid it down


Paid the way.

piano1 (1 of 1)

If all of life is a song for Him,

What is the cadence of

sweet surrender?

Oh, my soul!

What is your song?


An Outdoor Wedding

Here’s a peek at the barn.  It’s been used for all different kinds of fun events… worship nights, dances, fundraisers and weddings.  I think the kids have enjoyed having a barn the most- riding their bikes and skateboards inside on rainy and cold days!

On this particular day we were prepping for a sunny and bright wedding.

Back inside, the food prep was in full swing.  This is the inside porch.  The door in the background leads to the barn kitchen and into the barn.


Here’s a look at the hors d’oeuvres.  My friend, Laina, was in charge.  She is so gifted with food presentation.  When she’s around I stick to her like glue and pretend I know what I’m doing.

She makes it look so easy… just set out some fruit, cheese, crackers, nuts- and boom!  There you have it.  A gorgeous display.  Even though I watch her like I hawk, I’m not sure I could ever reproduce what she creates.

This is the dining room.  The bridesmaids and the bride were inside with me anxiously awaiting their cue to walk down the aisle!  They were so cute playing the piano and laughing nervously.  They were such a fun bunch!

The bride and groom had their ceremony in the backyard under the trees.  It was simple and beautiful and enchanting. 

Beach Bunny is still my shadow 24/7.  She’s such a happy girl!  Here we are taking a peek at the final table set ups.  That’s my garden on the left.  The house is toward the right.  Can you see it under the trees?


My favorite look for a catered dinner is incorporating the antique tables and vintage ware.  I’d say I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl at heart!  I am so in love with anything vintage!  I hope it never goes out of style. 

What about you?  Are you crazy about antiques and vintage ware, too?


Back in the Saddle

Where did the time go?  Can it REALLY be ten months?

I’ve really missed you all, and I’ve missed blogging!

Let me catch you up a little…

Last March we decided to make a move- a change in lifestyle is more like it.

We packed up our house in suburbia and moved into a 100 year old farmhouse- just for a year… to see what it would be like.

We gave the kids new kinds of chores, like…

feeding the chickens before school


taking care of the barn.

We found out

we LOVE it!

We ARE “country” after all (except I still love to shop at Nordstrom)!

It turns out lots of people like to get married here.

Lots of catering happens in my kitchen-

which means

there is often quite a buzz here, and I love it!

I am loving learning how to make new foods…

I especially love the baking!

The lighting in the barn is just exquisite for picture taking.

So is the afternoon light in the inside porch.

I look forward to showing you all the wonderful little things that make this place so special.  Beach Bunny (three-and-a-half years old) said to me the other day, “Mama, this house is turning out to be a great place after all!”

I definitely agree!


Newborn Photo Shoot? Yes, Please!

Speaking of love…. I have another new niece to spoil.  Her name is Sophia, and her mommy and daddy let me indulge my photography habit and take her birth announcement pictures.  Thankyouverymuch.  My mom also got to indulge her creative juices and made Sophia’s flower hat.

soph final

in hands color

toe rings


Her birth announcement…


This last picture is obviously an outtake, but just cracks us up (If you’re worried, we only let her cry for like 11 seconds… ok, 12). 

If you’ve got a minute and feel inspired, give this photo a caption.

Happy Monday,