“Your Photo- My Edit” – Open Call

Edited to add: I am closing off comments for this post so I can get to editing your photos. You guys emailed me the cutest pictures, by the way!

If you want to send me a photo but didn’t get the chance, I will do another open call in the near future. Promise! :)

Do you have one of those photos that you just love, but it’s just a little dark or you wish you could give it some pop?

Maybe I can help.

I’m hosting an open call for “Your Photo- My Edit”. All you have to do is follow two easy steps:

1. Leave me a comment on this post- any old comment will do, but play nice. Ha!

2. Email ONE (family friendly) picture to me at . In the email, let me know if I can post your photo on my blog- with a link to you, of course!

I will choose one photo at random for an upcoming “Your Photo- My Edit” post, and save the rest for future posts.

Here is one of my favorite before and afters that I did for Kelly at She’s got the edited version in the rotating header of her blog, which makes me so happy!




Harper Edit

Ok, I’m off to the pumpkin patch with 2/3 of my kids. I love the fall!


Chrissy MacCEO said...

I LOVE your blog!! Found you through MBC! Please visit my blog and follow me, too!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That is an awesome before & are excellent!! I wish I had a photo to submit but I don't. Excited to see what you do though! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

So cute. I would love to be able to edit like that. Beautiful!

Mighty M said...

I'm sending you a pic! I love taking pics but haven't spent much time on editing yet. Would love to see what you can do with one of my images...;-)

Hannah said...

Oh Sweetie...ANY picture of mine you want, you can have!!

What a cool idea!

3 Blessings said...

I would LOVE for you to edit one of our pictures. You truly have a talent. Maybe if I don't get picked this round you can edit one of Elijah's gotcha day pictures some day :)

Grits414 said...

I loved that picture you did for Kelly!
I'd love for you to edit one of my daughter. You have mail!
Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, what a priceless picture!!!

Lori said...

Love the picture!! Thanks so much for visiting me and following me.

Sweet TN Biscuits said...

Yes I will be sending you a picture for sure! I have admired that picture on Kelly's blog and was wondering how it was done. thanks so much for the opportunity!

Rachel said...

Oh! I want an edit!!! Gotta search for a snarky photo of my gorgeous Guatamalan bambino who's somehow managed to turn himself into a four-year-old "big boy."

*Jess* said...

I'll play! I love taking photos, but am not good at editing yet! Thanks!

Steph said...

Oh yay!! Pick me, pick me!!! hehehe!!
What a great idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Stacy said...

You have a talent I definitly was not blessed with!!! I sent an email with pics of my little guy!


Moms Best Bets said...

great pics!!!! Are a photographer?

Kari @ p.s. said...

I didn't know you did that for Kelly! Awesome!

Wanda said...

Wow, your edits are fantastic.

I'm sending you a pic of my two sweeties. I would love to see what you would do with it.


Julia said...

beautiful pic of Harper!! i sent you one of my boy!! :)

Angela said...

I will send you one of Ava...pick us! pick us!
You do awesome work, I need lessons!

Leah and Maya said...

I'm with hannah you could have any off my blog. I am still trying to get Maya's birthdya pictures done, but with the cold and apparently my issue with sun/shad and lighting we will see. I will email one for sure.

MELISSA said...

Such a great offer! Your work is gorgeous. I just emailed you my old, grainy wedding photo :).