Learning to Say “Yes”- Whenever, Whatever, Wherever

I’ve been a Christian my whole life, and one thing I am still learning is to say “yes” to God “whenever, whatever, wherever”.  You see, I’m still learning to submit to Him daily.  I hate that regretful feeling I get when I know He wanted me to do something and I just  brushed it off and told God I was too busy.  Dumb!

I recently found out about a boy who grew up in foster care in my area.  He’s a leader, great student and very responsible.  However, this December he will be aging out of his group home.  With no family to speak of, he becomes an instant adult- with no one to fall back on.  Thankfully, my husband’s non-profit has found mentors for him and he has a job and community college all lined up.  The problem is that he will need a used car to get back and forth to work and school.

God spoke directly to my heart Sunday night and told me “500”.  It took me a second and then I realized what “500” stood for… He wants me to raise $500 towards a car for Floyd.  “Darn it, God.pumpkin carving”  I thought.  “I don’t have time.”  I think He probably laughed at me.  So I decided to suck it up and obediently gave my “yes” to God… remembering “whenever, whatever, wherever”.

“What can I possibly do to raise the money, God?”  I asked Him this morning.  “Offer to make something,” he told my heart.

So here is what I’m offering to you… up for raffle is one Autumn Blessings photo album (sample pages below and one above).  I will design 10 pages with room for 14 of your pictures.  The winner will email me pictures, and I will custom edit each to look their best.  I will professionally print the pages and bind them with a metal ring and decorate with cute shabby ribbons… or I can email the pages to you to use on your blog.  The choice is yours!

Every dollar you “chip in” is one entry. This raffle will run through October 29th, 2009.  100% of funds raised will go to help Floyd purchase his first used car.  Just click the “Chip In” button on the widget below.

Please don’t feel any pressure to join in.  I am fully trusting God to do His thing in His timing- whatever that may be! 

Below are three sample pages (with pictures of my sister-in-law’s family) that I would be delighted to design for the winner:Autumn Blessings

My sister-in-law (last fall) eight months pregnant with twins. 

Can you believe how good she looks?  So not fair!

Three's The Charm

My bro-in-law with my niece and nephew

Family Is Forever

It would blow my mind to be able to hand Floyd a check and tell him that people from near and far have come to help him.

Encourage one another,

Pineapple Princess


Suzanne said...

You go get'em girl...I love seeing GODS work

He & Me + 3 said...

It will happen too because you are being obedient to God. Beautiful pages.

Daveda said...

This is a wonderful idea. May you all be blessed abundantly as you journey together!

Tabitha Blue said...

That is awesome!! It's definitely something that we all get a chance to work on... and I'm proud of you for taking that big step!! Off to donate. :)

Hannah said...

That is wonderful. I love how honest you are and how beautiful you heart is.

Love it.

You asked about the invitations. I am embarrassed to tell you because they were so easy...It was a template from picnik, all I did was plug in the pictures. Yes, I am lame and with out talent...but it was easy :)

Leslie said...

You really do rock...i wish i had a ounce of that...hugs and love,leslie

The gFamily said...

I have NO DOUBT that you will raise all 500! Our God is big and mighty! I love that he is using you in this beautiful way!

Mommy said...

Good for you for posting this! God is bigger than us and ALL is possible! You are such an inspiration! I love your heart and compassion :)

Mama Bear said...

With God all is possible and I toooooo so agree that it is so easy to try and do things in our own time. You are awesome and I am so happy to get to know you and your beautiful family through your blog.
Off to donate to a very worthy adventure :-)

meg duerksen said...

those pages are so cute! i am dying to scrapbook again...if i can remember how!

Anonymous said...

You have such a gracious heart, I wish the best with the donations, he is one lucky man to have such wonderful people surrounding him.