Guest Blogger- Hannah, from Me-Me and Monkey's Big Adventure

Hi, I am Hannah from Me-Me and Monkey's Big Adventures. Pineapple Princess asked me to drop by her ever adorable blog this week. Personally, I think The Love Shack is a way too cool for the likes of me but I am honored to be here. I have read the other guest bloggers posts and loved every single word. I thought about changing my post to be a little more elegant and thought provoking but since I am neither elegant or thought provoking I better go with what I know best. Being a Dork.

I thought I'd share some of our family pictures from the 4th of July.

These are my two sweet babies. We fought long hard battles to get our babies home and I thank God for them every day. Next to salvation they are the greatest gift I have been given.

Dmitry is the handsome eleven year old in the glittery top hat.
Sophia is my adorable two year old in the patriotic princess attire.
Bear is the smelly stuffed animal with red hair bows, half an eye ball and a recently repaired nose.

Cute huh?


This is my family. We live in the country, which is an experience all of it's own.
We look pretty nice huh?
Yes, we are all dressed in Red, White and Blue.
I said we were nice...not cool.


Oh Look, now we are being patriotic and saluting.


I know where this is going and it's not going to be pretty.

Dorks making faces.


Dorks pretending to point at something.


It's getting worse.

Dorks making faces part deux.


Dorks pretending to dig for gold.
Just so you know, three of us are pretending to pick our nose.
One of us is actually doing it.


Sadly, this is what happens every time we start taking family pictures.
It can make weddings and professional family portraits a little awkward.
At least we have fun.

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