February Desktop

I am in love with digital scrapbooking, but I have a lot to learn. I made this little February desktop for my computer. It was easy. Clickety HERE if you'd like to make one, too!


Courtney said...

That is really cute. Did you do your own blog make over with digital scrapbook ? I really really want a blog make over and was going to try to do it myself but don't understand digital scrapbook. Oh well. If you did do it, great job. Love it.

Steph said...

That is really cute! I am still intimidated by digital scrapbooking, though I think I would really like it. Do you have a specific program you use? I don't know where to start!

Leslie said...

VERY cute!!!! thanks for the post!


dave.heather said...

Oh my goodness!! I must pic your brain about digital scrapbooking...I'm a traditional scrapbooker but have suddenly found myself way behind. I thought I could do some digital pages (and print them) along with some old school pages to get caught up. What software are you using?? Have you done any printing? I am hoping to print through Costco. Any info that you can share would be awesome.Thanks!

P.S. I'm Heather -- I have 3 bio kids (2 boys and a girl)and our baby girl is adopted from Guatemala (Feb. 07).

jeck said...

I too have been looking into digital scrapbooking this week actually. I made my christmas card and loved how it turned out. I just get a little overwhelmed by all the packages!

What photo software are you using and what sites have you found?

BTW let me know if you make the cake and if you love it!!

Have a great weekend!