Saturday Means Soccer!

Today was Josh's first soccer game of the season. The extremely fierce "Purple Dragons" won 4 to 1. Josh loves scoring goals, but I think he enjoys the after game snacks even more. Luke, Kirk and I cheered the team on, while Bella did what she does best... making friends.
Click on the collage to enlarge.
Have a fun weekend!


demp5 said...

How fun!! Grace had her first game today also. Her team is purple, too; but, they lost 4 to 1 :( Gigi likes the snacks best and maybe playing on her stroller (please notice that I said "on" and not "in"). Have a great weekend!

Mindy said... cute!!! I love it! Looks like such a fun time:-)

Heidi said...

How fun! Purple Dragons is an awesome name, way to go!

McMurrays said...

My boys have their first game next weekend. Bella looks so cute in that red and blue dress and happy as always. Love the Purple Dragons fun mascot!

Steve & Amy said...

What a great way to spend an early fall Saturday! Go purple Dragons! Come on snacktime:)

Alleen said...

Love that red, white & blue dress!!

April said...

Love the pics...thank you for your sweet comments..I love the yearbook too funny, I have to go do this..