Favorite Foto(s) Friday "Terrific Trips: Near or Far"

We pick our own theme this week for FFF, so I chose "Terrific Trips: Near or Far". Below are pictures from our terrific trip to Europe in spring of '07. Little did we know that Isabella was going to make her grand entrance into the world just eight weeks later. At the time we were still holding onto hope of a domestic adoption (four years of waiting at that point). To our surprise, God re-routed our adoption plans when we returned home. I pulled all of the home study and dossier paperwork together, and boom... we were blessed with our daughter, all in God's perfect timing. Here are some highlight pics from our whirlwind, week-long, work trip.

Poor me...I had to tag along ; ) Salsburg, Austria
This is where part of The Sound of Music was filmed.


Bavaria, Germany

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

She has been my hero since I was 12 years old.

A canal in Amsterdam

Prague, Czech Republic

The famous Charles Bridge is in the background.


Dinner for two in Salzburg, Austria

Mozart's home in Salzburg

An open window in Salzburg

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Bridge above Neuschwanstein Castle

Riding bikes in Amsterdam

In front of the Berlin Wall

The main square in East Berlin, Germany

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Leslie said...

Wow breathtaking pictures!!!!! You are soo blessed to have traveled to such gorgeous places!!!


Dimples and Stars Race Cars and Guitars said...

YOU WERE SO SMART TO GO ON THIS TRIP before the baby....I know you did not plan it like that...but WOW what a great time and your PICTURES are AWESOME...I want to go all of those NEXT WEEK... I love to you did not know that already...HA


Hannah said...

Great pictures! What a wonderful way to travel...

Have a great weekend.

Rebecca said...

WOW, beautiful pictures!! Makes me want to go on vacation, lol! Absolutely gorgeous, and your baby is SOOOO cute! Love the post (: Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

Wow, those are beautiful! And I have to admit that I have been a fan of Ann Frank since the seventh grade. You guys are a great looking couple!

Peace and hugs,

ANDREEA said...

Wow...I love the pictures....just beautiful!!!:))
I was in France,but next year I will go to Germany to see that castel...I love it!!!:))
Take care,

Janet and Maya said...

Looks like a Terrific Trip! I love the window pic.

Janet and Maya

Robyn said...

What beautiful pics!! You've been on some fabulous trips!!


Our Family of 5 said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Bus and Sabra said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I want to schedule a trip-and have you as my tour guide! What amazing places to have been! Lucky you for getting to tag along! :O)

Christina said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy'sspace said...

Such beautiful pictures, looks likean amazing trip!

Sarah said...

Wow! What an amazing trip! Gorgeous pictures!! I look forward to going to Europe someday!

Gail said...

WOW!!! Beautiful pictures!!!

Graycesmomma said...

Great pictures! You are so lucky to have seen all of those places.

pureheaven said...

Absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!!!!! Especially love the open window photo. Looks like it was a great trip.

ClarkFamily said...

LOVE all your photos even though I am sure it was SO Hard for you to have to tag along on that trip it looks like you managed to have a fabulous time ... and how great that your little miracle arrived 8 weeks later ... and as they say - the rest is history! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2

Laurie said...

Those are amazing! Makes me want to travel Europe.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. I hope to travel the world one day...Thanks for sharing some breathtaking pics..Love, Marci

Kelly said...

Wow what beautiful pics!!!Thanks for sharing.

Isabella's mom said...

those are interesting pictures, especially i liked the sound of music backdrop, looks like you had a great time!

Jill and Isabella

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and really love it! I, too, have adopted a daughter from Guatemala. We'd love it if you want to visit our blog:


I had to comment today - your pictures are wonderful! I am amazed at how many you have TOGETHER - sometimes that is the hardest thing to do - handing your camera to a stranger hoping they will get just the right shot!


Eric & Tara said...

Wow! Your pics definitely made me want to go do some serious traveling!! Gorgeous pictures!!!

Joanna said...

Simply amazing beautiful pics! I feel like a major loser... :)

Steve & Amy said...

What an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures! WOW!

alex & sam said...

what great pics... that must have been a trip to remember...

one day I'll get there!!! LOL