Thankful Thursday

Things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Diet Coke + chocolate chip cookies = breakfast of champions

2. Old and new blogging friends

3. Today Luke starts 6th grade at a new school with all new friends- and he's totally OK with it.

4. Good friends who make me laugh hard

5. God totally provides for all our needs, and more.

What are YOU thankful for? Come on, snag the flower graphic above if you want and post a couple of things that you're thankul about this week. Play along, add your name to "Mr. Linky" and paste your blog post URL.

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1 comment:

Telissa said...

All about the cookies! A day without cookies is a day not worth living on tough days!!! Thanks for passing along the fun to all of us out there....waiting....waiting....waiting for our little ones to come home!