Last Chance to Enter my Blog-licious Blog Giveaway!

Hi, Friends-

Don't miss your chance to enter my first Blog Giveaway. If you haven't entered already, click on the Blog Giveaway icon on the sidebar to the right. It will lead you to the magic post!

It has been so much fun to read the awesome comments. You guys rock! I want to pick each one of you; but alas, I only have one CUTE Guatemalan dolly dress to give away. A winner will be chosen at random by the lovely and talented Miss Isabella Grace. My plan is to take each person's name and put it on a separate strip of paper (one entry per person). I'll put all the names in a bowl, and hand it to Isabella. We'll see what name she pulls out. I'm gonna have Kirk video tape it, and I'll announce the winner. Look for the upcoming "winner's post" at the beginning of September! Now get clickin'!!!

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Gabriela Marie and Family said...

I hope Isabella choses my name!