It's Gettin' Hot in Here!

Posting pictures of super hot guys in Speedos isn't a regular feature on my blog (Crime, I know!), but I'll make an exception today! This is the U.S. Water Polo team yesterday at the Beijing competition pool. Their head coach is Dr. Terry Schroeder, and is a great friend of ours. I've been having fun reading his blog and checking out his daily updates from Beijing. It was interesting to read what it was like at the opening ceremonies from the "ground floor". To check Terry's blog clicky HERE.


Suzanne said...

So I checked out Terrys blog. How totally amazing. I can't begin to imagine the rush of excitement that must of been for them. What a great opportunity for us to read all about what they are going through.

Thanks for posting.

Sandra said...

I enjoyed your blog as well. Went to the Doctors Blog and enjoyed his comments about the Olympics. Stick with the Basketball Players! lol.
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Candy said...

TOTALLY CRACKING UP...Me and my BFF have been saying MAN we should have hung out at the POOL MORE thats where all the HOT NAKED GUYS ARE...HAHA

Loving th games this year