Happy 1st Birthday, Bella Grace!!!


Today is your first birthday. Daddy, Luke, Josh and I sang the Happy Birthday song to you this morning. You looked at us like we were from another planet. Yes, I know we don't sing very well... but thanks for clapping for us at the end!

This is what you are like today at one-year-old:

You LOVE music. Any time you hear any type of little song or rhythm, you stop what you are doing and do your little wiggle dance.

You could swing in the backyard all day long. You are so smart. The way you tell us you want to go swing is you either put your right hand in the air and move it back and forth, or you hum the song I sing to you when we swing. We can't believe that you can remember the notes to hum all by yourself.

Your first word was "bye-bye", followed by "mama", "bear" and "baby", but for "baby" you say, "boo boo".

Your personality is pure sweetness. There is no "spicy" in you at all. You smile and wave at everyone and love to be the center of attention. That's when you really like to show off. You are easy-going, enthusiastic and up for anything.

You are super, duper ticklish. You belly laugh when your brothers tickle you under your neck, tummy or arm pits. It's makes us ALL laugh!

Well, Isabella, I'm off to go set up a few more things for your birthday party. We are so proud of you and love you SO MUCH! You are our SUNSHINE and JOY!


demp5 said...

Precious Isabella~
I think that you get cuter while you sleep! Your pictures are adorable, and I know that your personality is sweet and fun. You bring so much joy to those around you! We pray many blessings for you today and all year.
Muchos Besos,
The Dempsters

The gFamily said...

Beautiful pics of Bella! She just keeps getting prettier, if that is even possible!! Happy 1st Birthday Bella!

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Iabella, Happy happy happy 1st birthday. You are a precious beautiful girl and I look forward to watching you grow.

Mythoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family.

McMurrays said...

Happy Birthday sweet Bella!
Have a very special day!
Love Love Love the toes picture!

Auntie G said...

I hope you had a wonderful first birthday sweet Bella.

Becca said...

What a precious post - thank you for sharing!!

Peace and Hugs,

Jaimee said...

Bella is absolutely precious! I love what you wrote about her. So sweet. Happy Birthday Bella, from your friend Isabela.


Laurie said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Isabella! You are such a beautiful birthday princess. I hope your day was filled with half as much joy as you have brought your family! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I was right, I knew her birthday had to be here soon. Happy birthday sweet angel, your hogar roomie, has just the same personality, so smart, and so sweet. Happy Birthday precious girl!

Melissa - Ana's Mommy and the boys too:)

Steve & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Isabella! These are adorable pictures! She looks so adorable in them. I'm gald I wasn't the one who had to pick them out because I wouldn't be able to:)


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!

Robyn said...

Beautiful pics!! Happy Birthday Bella Grace!!


Steph said...

Oh wow!!! What beautiful pictures!!! How do you get her to sit still long enough?!?!? What a gorgeous girl! Happy Birthday!!

Shannon said...

Happy first birthday, Bella. So glad you are celebrating this special day at home with your family!

Shannon *Emeline's Mommy*

Amanda said...

You are a living doll! You are so blessed to have your family as they love you so much. I know they can't imagine their lives without you and are grateful every day for God's generous gift. You are all so blessed. We hope you know love, blessings and laughter all the days of your beautiful life!

Much love to all the D.'s,
Amanda, Ed and Gabi

bellagirl26 said...


I had to take another peek and well, Ana went wild again! lol I love the picture of Bella with her bracelet and also the foot and hand picture. Excellent photos!


Jaime Salas said...

What adorable 1st year photo's!!! Not hard when your subject is that cute!