HOME is the Best Place of all!

We've been home almost one week, although it feels like no time has passed. Isabella is doing so wonderfully! I'm amazed at her adaptability. She has melded right into our family's schedule- and has already been to two baseball games to watch her big brothers play. She has been so happy and smiles and claps at everyone who comes to talk to her. She is pure JOY! People seem to comment the most about how happy and peaceful she is, especially considering she spent her first nine months in an orphanage. I tell them it's proof positive that God answers prayer!

This last week has been one "party" after the other. It's been a blast for us! Someone pointed out that everywhere we go we have a crowd around us. It's been such a joy to introduce Bella to everyone.

The boys have been amazing with her. I seriously have a new love for them as I watch them love and care for their baby sister. On the way home from the airport, Isabella was in the middle in her rear facing baby car seat. Luke and Josh were on either side of her. I looked in the back seat and Luke was holding Isabella's bottle for her-feeding her, and Josh had his hand on top of Luke's hand, holding the bottle too- They were feeding her together! It was one of those precious moments that I never want to forget. They both love her so much, and she just lights up whenever they are around. My heart is so full and happy!

Here are just a few highlight pictures from the last week. I've got videos, too, but I'll post them later.

Our airplane touched down in Houston. Isabella is now an official U.S. citizen! She slept through her big moment.

Josh loves to give Isabella her bottle and rock her to sleep. He's so proud of himself. Luke is my main helper in the mornings. He feeds her breakfast in the highchair while I get dressed to bring them to school. I need more pictures of Luke and Bella!

I told you we've been "partying" hard! This picture was not staged. The welcome home signs from the airport were sitting on the couch. After our last Sunday guests left, Josh plopped himself down on the living room couch and fell asleep.

Too pooped to party!


demp5 said...

Pictures are precious! I am not one bit surprised about how well everyone is adjusting. She is a blessed little girl joining a blessed family :) We also were #25 at 8:00 a.m. at Embassy this morning - two peas in a pod! I just got home so will answer emails in a bit.

The gFamily said...

YAY!! Pics at home!!! I am not surprised either about how well adjusted Bella is to her new home! She has an awesome family who visited her, prayed for her, and just loved her!! God is so good and faithful! I got tears in my eyes reading about her brothers feeding her in the backseat together! That is SO precious!

SO glad you are home with your daughter! Enjoy every moment!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Stacy - that picture of Josh holding Isabella - just priceless.... those boys are going to be so protective over her! :)

Love, Dayna

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Isabella! Home, its so good to be home. I think that they were loved in the hogar, they had to have been, all the babies I know from there adjust really, really well. Though they may have changed with the tough times, I have a feeling the care givers had their hearts in the right place.

God bless you and the boys. What lucky little princesses we have to have two big brother's to watch over them!~Melissa - Ana's Mommy

Anonymous said...

Too too sweet! What a beautiful family you have!! Welcome Home!!


McMurrays said...

Loved the pictures with her brothers and the story of the ride home sharing the bottle feeding. I am so glad you are home safe and all is going well with the transition. I have been checking in daily to see how you all were doing.
Thanks for updating us.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, especially your sweet boy completely pooped from an exhausting week! I'm so happy she is home, deserve every ounce of this happiness.

Much love,

Hannah said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful baby. The picture of your son is priceless!!

Becca said...

Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day!

Peace and Hugs,