Kirk is packing up and heading home today. Isabella and I are almost packed and headed to the apartment to start our journey of just the two of us here in Guatemala. My awesome roommate, Meghan, has been so wonderful and has collected "2" of everthing so our babies have tons of toys and supplies. This will be fun, but to be honest, I do have butterflies in my tummy!

Here are a few last pictures for daddy to take back home. We love you!!! Be safe!!!!


Gina & Tommy said...

Isabella is an absolute doll! I pray that you and Bella Grace have an amazing time in your new "home away from home". I will pray for you, Kirk and the boys as you are separated from one another during this transitional but glorious time.


Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

You and Bella won't be without Daddy very long. WE will be bringing our girls home before you know it. Have a blessed day, and enjoy every minute. I wish Malaena-Sloan and I were there to keep you company. Cheri

The gFamily said...

I think you are very brave and strong! I know God will watch over you and Bella and keep you safe! Kirk will be back so soon and then you will be headed home!!!!! YAY!!!

Bella looks so pretty in red! She is such a doll! Enjoy your time with the GIRLS! This will be something you will NEVER forget!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where o' where did you get that awesome strawberry dress?

Can't wait until you all can come home as a famiy.

Much love,

sj said...

What a wonderful adventure you and Bella are beginning together! A few weeks getting to know each other better in her beautiful homeland. What a great transition for you both! It is a special journey you will remember forever! Blessings! Stephanie

Steph said...

How exciting!!! We will be leaving for an extended pick up trip on 4/27. Perhaps we will see you around Antigua!

MissJenn said...

I always check in on Isabella's progress and I was so thrilled to see the latest! I am hoping and praying that we are right behind you!

kenziekylanmom said...

Isabella is adorable! Congratulations on your adoption...we have 2 adopted from S. Korea so I know how the wait is but thank God she is with you now!

Steve & Amy said...

What beautiful pictures!!! You look like you are having the time of your life!!!