Missing My Happy Girl

Sorry this video is sideways. I have to remember not turn the video camera! I miss you, my happy girl!


Ferrick said...

I know your heart is hurting, mine too. But I choose to believe God and I know you do too. keep your eye's on Him Stacey, remember Peter, when he took his eyes off Christ he started to sink. He gives us enough strength for just today...and that's all we need. Speak Life, I am with you all the way friend. Susie

Gina said...

Adorable! She is so precious.
I know you can't wait to hold her again!

Love & Prayers,

Nikki & Jeff said...

Isabella is beautiful! I agree with Susie-- we need to keep our eyes on Christ and keep our chins up high! I am in this with you all the way!

Praying and praying...

demp5 said...

Precious, precious girl. I do not think that anyone could see her and not smile. Not too long until she is in your arms again!

Joanna said...

Bella is so adorable...and the most beautiful baby!

I know your heart is aching right now, but I strongly believe this week you will receive information that will give you hope. Bella will come home, so don't lose sight of that.

Much love,

The gFamily said...

I would love to squeeze that baby! She is SO beautiful and smiley! I know the Lord is watching over her!!

This is a big week! I am praying, praying, praying for good news on moving your case forward this week!!


Chanan and Rachael said...

Hi! Thanks for writing on my site. I don't seem to get many visitors. But I don't get to travel other sites either very often. Yes we should get our travel date any day...SO EXCITED... is an understatement!!
Your baby is so beautiful and her head dresses are so cute.
Hope's mommy:

Amy said...

What a cutie pie! I LOVE her white dress!

Thank you for posting on my blog. If you are willing to return and translate Emma's talking bunny, I would be so appreciative.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Steph said...

How sweet!!! SOOOOOO worth waiting for, as hard is it is, sooo worth it. Soon, you will be seeing that sweet smile every day. It WILL happen.

Ferrick said...

Just checking in Stacy, how's your heart? Susie

The gFamily said...

Alright, now it is my turn to check on you! You have been too quiet the last few days! Are you okay? I have been thinking about you so much and praying!! Lord, please bring Bella home soon!

Jennifer & Filipe said...

Your little girl is beautiful! Congratulations on getting back into PGN! We are at about the same place in our process. Hopefully we will be hearing that we are back in PGN this week! Hope your stay in PGN is short with no more kick outs and that you will get some good news soon!

Pattie & Isaac said...

You just never know when and where you'll get a message from god. If you read my last blog you'll understand how this plays into our journey for our little girls.

I know your little girl will be coming home. Not sure how soon but she knows your coming for her. God has his hands all over that little girl keeping her safe as she waits to come home to her family.