Two Dreams

Isabella is always the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I have been sleeping fairly soundly, and haven't had any significant dreams lately... until late last week and this weekend. I had two significant (possibly adoption) dreams back to back. Here they are:

Dream #1 (Friday night):
The first one was about giving birth. In my dream, I was in labor. Out of nowhere came the obgyn/God. He delivered the baby girl faster than expected. It was shocking, but of course I was happy. Then I woke up.

Dream #2 (Saturday night):
This second dream begins shortly after I had given birth. The delivery team had just handed me my baby girl. She was healthy and perfect in every way. I was elated and the room was filled with such peace and joy. Then things got a little weird. The doctors and nurses were astounded that I was holding my precious, healthy daughter~ but there was NO UMBILICAL CORD! Not to get graphic... but they searched everywhere, if you know what I mean. They even sent me to a specialist, but no one could explain the mystery of the missing umbilical cord. Then I woke up.

Now, sometimes my dreams mean something and sometimes they don't. If you want to make a guess and interpret them for me, I would LOVE that! What do you think they mean, if anything?


the gFamily said...

It means that God made Isabella so much for you that you could have delivered her yourself! We know that isn't humanly possible because there was no umbilical cord that physically attached her to you. But, God made her for your family!! Very cool!!!

The Ferrick Family said...

No umbilical cord needed my friend....God's got the life line covered! :) Susie

demp5 said...

Okay, the first dream - she will be here faster than you (or anyone) is thinking.
Second dream - she was created to be a part of your family, but she did not grow inside your body.
Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragment. They really do mean everything right now! You are living out 1Thes.5:11

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Demp5 those were my thoughts exactly


bellagirl said...

Yes, Stacey, she'll be here faster then you can dream it and she is yours really, really yours, made for you and put in your loving arms by God.


demp5 said...

Hey sweetie! Thanks for checking on me. Are you going to call Laura tomorrow? I am sure that she will say "you are with the second reviewer". I think that those are pretty good words! Still praying for your family~

Kelly said...

I agree with all the interpretations above and just have to say what awesome dreams!!!!!

Nikki & Jeff said...

Tee-hee!! We both are having dreams, how neat! I agree with others about the dream interpretations-- you are dreaming positive things about Isabella, and it really is encouraging. Thanks for sharing! It is fascinating!

Sending our love!

Chanan and Rachael said...

Hi, what a cutie pie. Where did you get those beautiful head dresses? Where is this location in the picture located -- it is really dreamie and beautiful!

Mommie of Baby Hope