OK, I Opened it!!!

Ok, I opened it! I opened up a can of w.a.! After waiting 24 hours from my last conversation with G.F and P.H. at the Department of State in Washington D.C., I called them back and politely asked for an update. They had no update for me and were not pressuring the US Embassy for a response. That's when I had to do it... I opened up a can... and let them have it! This is TOTALLY not my personality, but the mama bear inside of me just had to take care of Isabella.

Guess what?

Thirty minutes later I got a call on my cell from A.C. at the US Embassy in Guatemala! The good news is that they have our DNA and we are in the system. The very BAD news is that our file is LOST. They couldn't find our file under the first letter of our last name. They think it is misfiled somewhere within the 3,500 files at the embassy! A.C. said she'd call us on Monday with an update. Please pray she calls us back with good news! If she doesn't find our file, I'm flying down there... and I'LL FIND IT MYSELF!!!

Jesus, we ask you to please bring our file to the top as A.C. or the other embassy employees look for Isabella's file.. Please open there eyes and help them, Father.

Lord Jesus,... mercy!


Gina & Tommy said...

Oh, Stacy. I am so glad you are in the system. I just know the Embassy will give your case special attention now. Thank goodness you took initiative. I am certain your file will be found very soon. I have heard that some get PA over he weekend, so I know the staff is working. I will pray with all of my heart and soul that your file is found. You never know what lies ahead of you. One day, hopefully you will be able to look back and say, "That's why that happened". God works in mysterious ways.


demp5 said...

I am praying right now -
Dear Jesus,
Please put it on the hearts of the people working at the Embassy to look until they find the file. I am asking you to put that file right on top of someone's desk where it will be easily seen. Father, please bring this to a perfect end. And, please hold Stacy and her family in your arms -give them the comfort and peace that only comes from you.

Amanda said...

Good for you!!! Now, stay on it until you have an answer. You will be rewarded for your unnecessary patience. We're praying for them to find Isabella's file.


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Wow, I am PROUD OF YOU!!! I am going to have to open a can on immigration...if only I could reach someone on the phone. I am praying that they find your file QUICKLY!!! The Lord is in control, even though everything seems so crazy. I am trying desperately to trust. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the mama bear just HAS to come out to get the responses we need to hear. I'm glad someone is finally able to help you. That is just ridiculous you've had to go through this. Let's hope they find your file and that you fly through PGN to make up for the lost time.


Aileen said...

I will say a prayer that your file shows up this weekend and you have your PA by Monday. Keep the faith!
Ariana's Mommy

Anonymous said...

I will be praying. The VERY least they can do is give you PA IMMEDIATELY when the find the file. I am so, so very sorry you are having to deal with this. I am praying for a very quick resolution.


The gFamily said...

WOW, I am so proud of you! Sometimes the MAMA has to take things into her own hands!! You had every right to open up a can!!

I am praying now for PA on Monday and into PGN on Tuesday!! God can do anything!


Steve & Amy said...

Oh Stacy!!! My heart goes out to you! I am gald that you opened up your can of WA. At least now you have some answers. Praying that your file is found pronto and that you can get PA then into PGN soon! May the Lord give you strength to make it through this waiting game. Hugs!

Laurie said...

Stacy I am just speechless. I am so sorry you have to go thru this. I am praying it's found pronto!

Gretchen said...

Oh, Stacy! How frustrating...I am praying that they will find it and issue PA immediately!

Frances said...

I am glad you let that Mama Bear out! This is just another great example of inept bureaucrats. Stay on top of this! You need to bring Isabella home quickly!

Waiting on Rosalie

Jennifer said...

Stacy, I think someone on Guatadopt responded wisely to your your copy of the I171H and the G forms, and get them to the embassy right away. I had to do this when USCIS lost my homestudy (had to get another original of homestudy).
Good luck!

demp5 said...

Stacy, We are waiting with bated breath to hear what happened today. Please Lord, let it be good news ...

jajbs said...

i am so sorry. i AM glad you are fighting, though. too many people sit back and jsut figure it will happen eventually. these are our children and they are needing us to fight to bring them home to their families!! i am praying this gets resolved soon.

"Father God, I pray that you cause this file to surface. It is no mystery to you and I ask that your Holy Spirit bring it to light. We ask you to get the necessary people involved that will have a heart towards this family and let things begin to progree. I ask you to wrap your arms around this Momma and Daddy and give them you awesome peace and hold them tightly while they are going through this. Let them KNOW that you are with them and will be working on their behalf. We ask all of this in your Son's precious name!, AMEN!"