You Are Five Months Old Today!

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Auntie G said...

Happy 5 Months Isabella Grace!!

the gFamily said...

Happy 5 Month Birthday Sweet Isabella!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bella~

We said a prayer this morning that today, on your birthday, you would receive your Pre-Approval from the US Embassy. We trust in the Lord with all our hearts, all our soul and all our mind. His will is always perfect. Have a wonderful day!

Gina & Tommy

Will and Aileen said...

Happy Birthday, Bella Grace!
Ariana's Mommy

Frances said...

Hi Stacy,

I am praying for your PA to come soon! We got ours today! Here is the link I promised!

Steve & Amy said...

Come on PA!!! Sending lots of prayers your way...and some hugs too:)

Jennifer & Craig said...

Happy bday Isabella!

Hopefully your PA will be any day looks like they're up to 10/18 results!

Jen :)