We're Coming to See You, Bella!!!


Daddy is missing you way too much, and so am I! We are coming to see you at the end of the month! Daddy is such a good shopper and found airline tickets for $64.

We love you so much and pray for you constantly. This Friday we are mailing out adoption announcement photo cards with your picture on them. We are asking everyone we know to post that little photo card and to pray for you daily. We included a little note with the card explaining what is happening with Guatemalan adoptions and how to pray for you and your friends who are waiting to be adopted. When you are big enough to read this you will get a glimpse of how much you are loved by your family, friends, neighbors and church family. We are all praying for you and can't wait for you to come home!!

Love you like crazy,


Anonymous said...

I really want to know how you found tickets so cheap!! I'm dying to go back! Please email me and let me know, Stacy!


The gFamily said...

We all want to know how you got such cheap tickets!! Let us in on the secret, please!! :)

I am so happy you can see your little girl again soon! She is so loved!

Steve & Amy said...

What a bargain!!! Praying, praying, praying that tings continue to move quickly for you! I know how much you miss having Bella in your arms!

demp5 said...

I love to read your sight - it is so encouraging to me. We are also adopting from Guatemala, so I can relate well. Psalm 121 has helped me a lot this week. I can get so caught up in who to contact etc., but I really do better when I remember that our hope is in Him. He is the only one in whom we can put our trust. I am also planning on visiting soon (maybe after the elections), and I would love to know about those tickets!! Thanks :)

Pineapple Princess said...


Tell me how I can best contact you. I'd be happy to tell you about the tickets and airline. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so happy that those verses encouraged you. That was my prayer. The verses really helped me this week too.

Enjoy the weekend,