So We Wait 'Til Friday...

"During the past seven days, Joint Council has been in frequent and direct communication with the Office of President Oscar Berger regarding his administration’s position on the adoption cases currently in-process. Despite the ongoing dialogue between Joint Council and the Berger administration, we are unable to report that President Berger supports the unencumbered completion of the adoptions in-process. Similarly, we cannot confirm the President’s support for the amendment to Article 52 of bill #3217, which would allow for the completion of in-process cases under current law. It is our understanding that the administration will publish an announcement on the transition cases on or around October 19th" (JCICS).

This waiting is exhausting! However, if we look on the bright side, it gives us more time to pray, pray, pray!

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Steve & Amy said...

Still praying, praying,praying!