Pictures From Isabella's Hogar

This is Bella's hogar. It is a privately run temporary home for relinquished and abandoned babies and children. Babies ages 0-4 months play upstairs, while the other babies play downstairs. The children ages 2-6 years were in the other building doing there school work. We originally saw this hogar and our attorney on Discovery Channel's "Adoption Stories". We saw it in person just a few weeks ago. It is so well painted and organized. All the children are loved and very well taken care of.

Weighing Bella

Some ropita (baby clothes) out to dry

This is Isabella's room. She has two foster moms who are taking great care of her. I love this picture because it's the first time I held her. What an AMAZING day!


Anonymous said...

We praise God for bringing you your most precious Bella Grace. He is so good. Lisa Kindred

Steve & Amy said...

Bella's hogar looks very nice. I love the Nemo mural on the wall..Ethan LOVES Nemoand I think if he saw it he would want to move in. The picture of you holding Bella for the first time is priceless! I can see your love and pride in your face. What a joy Bella is! Praying that she come home soon!

Steve & Amy said...
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