The Guatemala 5000 Initiative!!!

Joint Council on Children's Internation Services is fighting for us. Please consider taking part in the call to action today. Click on "call to action" for more information. Please feel free to copy and paste this post into your own blog. We need to get the word out on how to fight this fight~ and bring our children home!


Marco & Lorraine said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! Congratulations. And you timeline is incredible! I am so eager to get PA now and move into PGN - the wait is killing me as I want to be as far forward as possible when Jan 1st is here...

Good luck on getting PA (I am assuming you do not need DNA Auth as this was an abandonment case?). I pray you get PA and march through PGN in a heartbeat!

jajbs said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me encouragement! I have added you to my favorites and look forward to reading about your journey. I will also add you to my prayer list! God is BIG and He will bring our children home! He always finishes what He starts!