Baby Name Poll Results!!!

August 11, 2007


Thank you so much for taking the time to send us these beautiful names. Thanks to your input, we've been able to narrow it down. We are pretty sure of her name, but we need to have a conversation with Luke and Josh before making our final decision. Here are all of your great suggestions. They were so fun to read and we will keep all of them as a treasured memory in her baby book. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Sophia -4 votes
Isabella or Bella- 4 votes
Grace- 3 votes
Janet Kay Maria ( I wonder who suggested this one.)
Ava Maria
Bella Grace
Sophia ( "Sophie" ) Renea - name means wisdom
Alexis ("Lexi") Kay- means helper
Sarah Kay-means princess
Grace ? -means grace and blessing
Kayla Joy - means crown
Isabella("Bella") Grace- means devoted to God

Claudia (female version of "Clyde") Isabella

"Rachel" - In Gen 29:11 Jacob kissed Rachel and began to weep aloud . . . vs. 17 Rachel was lovely in form and beautiful . . . vs. 20 Jacob served 7 years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of the love for her.

"Abigail" - means "my father is joy" . . . nickname "Abi" or "Gail" . . . I Sam 25 Abigail was clever and beautiful (married to a fool, who later died) . . . became King David's wife; he praised her for her good sense

"Angela" - means "messenger" - a little angel from heaven
Anabelle (Lovely), short names: Anna, Bell , Bella
Belicia (dedicated to God)
Belita (Beautiful One)
Eligia (Chosen One), short names: Elli
Gabriele (devoted to God), short names: Gabby, Bri
Gabriella (devoted to God), short names: Gabby, Bri, Ella
Graciela (Graceful), short names: Gracie
Hannah (Gracious)
Isabel (Consecrated to God), short names: Isi, Bell
Leila (Loyal)
Lia (Dependent)
Melosa (Sweet Tender), short names: Mel
Mirabel (Beautiful)
Naomi (Pleasant, Beautiful)
Sofia (devoted)
Talia (Dew from heaven)

Analisa (graced w/God's bounty) short names: Annamesa
Amelia/Emilia (defender), short : Emma, Mia, Emmy
Marissa (promised by God), short names: risa
Dania(God is my judge)
Eliana (Jehovah is God), short names: Ellie
Eva (Giver of life)

"The baby's name should be Sophie." Love, Josh

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